HOW TO GROW: Emersed Aquarium plants

Many of the plants we keep and enjoy in our aquariums will grow well in both submerged and emersed above water. Many plants we keep in our aquariums are actually not true fully aquatic plants. Emersed growth is possible because in nature, many of these species are actually amphibious, living along the edges of streams, lakes or in low flood plains.  During rainy seasons, they quite happily spend a considerable amount of time completely submerged.

This is my basic setup for Freshwater Aquarium plants

You’ll need a shallow container.
I use plastic container from cake and vegetables available at most big stores.
Fill the container with about 1 inch/2.5cm deep of regular potting soil. Pour water in until the soil is just submerged but thoroughly wet. Then, take your plants and just put them gently in the soil. Once you have all of your plants planted, use plastic wrap to cover the container. You’ll want a tight seal so the moisture doesn’t evaporate. It might be necessary to use some tape to keep the plastic wrap from coming off. This will create a nice humid environment for your plants to transition to emersed growth so they don’t dry out.

Once you have your container all set up, you can either put it in a sunny window or underneath some full-spectrum lighting.

Emersed Plants for Aquarium Update on HC Cuba

Aquarium Emersed Plants growing under Full Spectrum LED Light

Give it a try.

emersed aquarium plants

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