LED Floodlights for your Aquarium

Aquarium LED Lights are high-tech, energy-efficient light sources gaining popularity in the aquarium hobby. Due to their low energy use and the bright light they produce, LEDs are used in aquarium light fixtures as supplementary, as well as independent, light sources.


Aquarium upgrade Floodlight 10W LED

LED aquarium lighting uses up to 80% less electricity than other aquarium lights. They also do not generate the heat that fluorescent light bulbs do. Another very popular plus is the fact that they last far longer than standard fluorescent bulbs.

Upgrade Fluorescent Bulb to 2x10W LED Lighting

Fantastic results are on small  tank.

10W Floodlight LED does not penetrate deep in the water. Aquarium height is 40cm.There are much better results on First Video, Aquarium is 25cm. deep.

It only cost around 5-7 euro 🙂


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