White Noise: Sounds for sleep and relaxation

Anyone who sleeps with white noise is likely to tell you they can’t fall asleep without it.
Some people are lucky, they can sleep through a tornado, but most of us struggle to fall asleep in a noisy environment.

White noise is sound played at a certain frequency with consistency that becomes background sound, such as water running or an computer fan in a room.
The background sounds your baby heard in utero is white noise and helps newborns all the way through to adulthood to sleep better.
When used to promote healthy sleep, white noise helps to drown out sounds which might otherwise prevent you from either falling asleep or waking up whilst asleep.

9 Hours of Aquarium sounds

The idea of adding more noise in your bedroom to help you sleep may sound counter intuitive, but it works because white noise blends the external sounds (barking dog,traffic etc) into the overall background noise, so your brain pays less attention.

This always help me to sleep and relax during a day. Budgie talking to the mirror.

8 Hours Snow and Rain in a car

8 hours of Wind sounds on Mountain Trebevic – Ambient Sleep Sounds

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