Budgie eating… Everything! :D

For your budgie to be healthy and happy it is important to provide the correct amount of each type of food and to provide lots of variety. 60% of a bird’s diet should be grain. This is only for seed eating birds such as budgies. …
10-20% of your bird’s diet should be fresh vegetables. …
5% of his diet should be fruits.

If a budgie likes potato chips, then once in a while won’t hurt 🙂

Budgie eating banana. Love every kind of fruit to eat

I do not recommend to feed them with biscuits, but once in a while wont hurt

Can Budgie have Strawberries?
And remove all the pits as they are poisonous to birds. Too much fruit can make your bird over weight, and then your bird may have health problems. The answer to your question is yes, Budgies can eat strawberries, but you have to watch for the amount you feed them.

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