$14 Hang on 500l/h Filter [From eBay] for Planted tank

Sea Star HX-004 Hanging Filter for Fish tank – Aquarium filter from eBay.

Combination of mechanical, chemical and biological filtering function to eliminate poison effectually and ensure clean water.
Special designed water circulation system helps the diffusion of CO2 in the water and supply enough oxygen for the tank.
Adjustable water flow rate. Easy to assemble and operate.

Material: Plastic
Power: 4.5W
Pump output: 500L /H
Power cord cable length: 1.2m
Plug: EU / US plug

My Suggested videos:
Water changes and Aquarium Filtration | Take care of your Aquarium https://youtu.be/ZupEi4BHlJI
How to make Planted tank – Low Tech Aquarium | Basic Information https://youtu.be/FWdLtFKPg7s

It cost only $14 on eBay with free shipping, sold by deal.good

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